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We are a small wine accessories company. As we continue to grow, our commitment is to remain the same environmentally friendly and innovative business. We always do our best to exceed expectations and bring uniqueness, durability and quality.

We have a dream that our products will always be with you and share every beautiful moment of your life.

London, United Kingdom  |


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Ice Free, Eco-Friendly Insulated Stainless-Steel Bottle Cooler, 7.5"x4.3"





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For Wine and Sparkling Drinks Lovers


...who like to keep their


beverages cool.

The Pixestie stainless-steel chiller easily keeps wine, Prosecco, Champagne, Cava, and Crémant bottles at the perfect temperature outside of the fridge for up to 3 hours. The insulated double-walls will keep the pre-chilled bottle at the optimal temperature until it’s time to pour another glass. No ice required inside of the holder meaning there is no danger of pooling water and watermarks. 

Elegant lines, brushed shine, sophisticated design and 100% recyclable material. 

Perfect gift for wine enthusiasts on any occasion.

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A great gift

I purchased this as a gift. It is very attractive and keeps beverages cold for several hours. Many wine chillers hold only regular sized wine bottles. Not only does this hold champagne bottles but it also holds larger sized wine bottles.

Dan Ferris

Amazon USA

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